What do your lab results say?​

Thyroid Levels Calculator

With this online calculator, for your free thyroid values (fT3 and fT4), you can determine the concentration of fT3 and fT4 in your blood.

Important blood values​

First of all, let’s take a look at which values are really interesting/relevant in the first instance.

Thyroid blood levels

– your “energy hormone”

– (“Storage hormone”) is formed in the thyroid gland and converted to fT3 in the liver, for example

– sends the thyroid a kind of “requirement message” about how much thyroid hormone is currently needed in the body

– MAK ( or TPO-AK, microsomal AK), indicates the activity of Hashimoto, TAK and TRAK
– TAK (TG-AK, thyroglobulin-AK), increased in SD diseases
– TRAK (TSH receptor antibodies), increased in Morbus Basedow

Liver values, blood sugar and inflammation values

– GPT, GOT, Gamma GT, LDL, HDL, Cholesterol

– Glucose (taken on an empty stomach in the morning) is a snapshot
– HbA1 and HbA1c is the long-term value

– Leukocytes (white blood cells) = important for the immune system

(These values should always be within the normal range of the laboratory)

Further conclusions about any existing problems can be drawn from the values.

Add the same measurement units to your values in the appropriate “Lab value” fields (usually they can be found at the end or next to the measurement values).

Evaluation of results

This information relates to our value calculator and is only intended as a guide – your well-being should be always comes before blood values!!

  • over 60% = first signs of hyperfunction (the higher, the stronger the expression)
  • below 50% = first signs of hypofunction (the lower, the stronger the expression, minus values are also possible)
  • fT3 percentage values are more than 10% lower than fT4 = conversion weakness of fT4 to ft3 (the higher, the stronger the expression)
  • fT3 percentage values are more than 10% higher than fT4 = reactive fT3, i.e. useless fT3 (the higher, the stronger the expression)

Please note that we do not use the reference values from the laboratory in the calculator – on the one hand, these differ from laboratory to laboratory, and you will get a different result each time – on the other hand, from experience, the laboratory values for the thyroid gland have very little to do with the well-being of a woman.

The reference values here are as follows:

  • fT3: 3,0 – 4,5 pg/ml
  • fT3: 4,608 – 6.91 pmol/l
  • fT4: 0,9 – 1,8 ng/dl
  • fT4: 11,583 – 23,17 pmol/l
  • fT4: 9 – 18 pg/ml

If you do not agree with the values, we recommend that you switch to alternatives, using the calculator here is at your own risk.

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